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Femtech The term femtech originated in Germany around 2012. In particular, we are working on issues related to sexuality, which has been considered a taboo until now. Many women have tried various methods to address their appearance concerns, but now they are realizing the importance of the invisible parts and need to take care of their delicate areas. A woman's body is delicate, and it is said that she can feel well without being affected by progesterone for about one week out of a month. Cold weather, swelling, and aging are the biggest causes of damage to women's beauty, but products that directly care for them have reached their limits. From now on, by focusing on caring for the delicate zones, it can be said that the beauty of the invisible areas will lead to the beauty of the outside, just like the beauty of the heart.
Darkening of the skin is a phenomenon that occurs when melanin pigment is produced excessively due to stimulation such as friction. Changes in hormonal balance and inflammation may also be the cause. When the skin surface becomes dry and the stratum corneum thickens, the skin appears dull and darkened. This is caused by disruption of normal turnover (keratin metabolism) and lack of proper moisturizing and skin care. Sebum and dirt can oxidize and cause dark spots. This can be caused by excessive sebum secretion, use of care products, improper cleaning, or an unsanitary environment. Skin inflammation or disease can also cause skin to darken, but some people seem to have a tendency to darken their skin due to genetic factors. Human stem cells, the main ingredient contained in Grusgel, have the ability to self-replicate, activating the cells themselves and rejuvenating them. At the same time, the patented technology "nanoPDS" can quickly deliver the active ingredients not only to the surface but also to the cells deep within, so you can feel the effects faster.
Initiative Guide women to beauty. The secretion of female hormones and the autonomic nervous system are activated, resulting in benefits such as high quality sleep, stress relief, and beautiful skin. It has great effects on your mental and physical health and beauty. Taking time for yourself to just feel good by gently touching and stimulating the areas that make you feel good is the best form of self-care.
self-pleasure Self-pleasure releases the hormones oxytocin and endorphins in your brain. Oxytocin is a type of hormone secreted by the pituitary gland in the brain, and is said to have the effect of increasing a sense of well-being, calming the brain and mind, and reducing stress. It is sometimes called the "love hormone" or "happiness hormone." Oxytocin also has the effect of promoting the secretion of the hormone ``serotonin'', which is the source of ``melatonin'', and as a result, the amount of melatonin secreted increases, which is said to have a positive impact on health. It is essential for a woman's beauty and physical and mental health.
share your worries As we get older, our hormonal balance changes, and more and more couples are no longer looking for their bodies. I don't think that itself is a problem, but rather that the problem is not being able to confide in your partner about your worries or not being able to discuss them.

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