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Birth Secret Initially, we were in discussions with a pharmaceutical company to create a product for men. As I continued my research, I discovered that men's problems are related to women. Women's excitement is reflected in men, and it changes depending on the woman. This is how we decided to develop products that can care for both men and women. There are various problems with oral medications, and there are concerns about the burden they may have on the body. Until now, there are no unisex products, and they are completely MADE IN JAPAN, so you can care for them with confidence.
Unisex, a first in the industry! The biggest feature of Gurusgel is that it is unisex. Furthermore, ``you can take care of yourself while having fun.'' It has been suggested that by improving blood flow, it may be effective in preventing arteriosclerosis, heart and brain diseases, rejuvenating blood vessels, and treating infertility. Human adipocyte conditioned culture medium regenerates and rejuvenates cells. Direct care of the penis, testicles, and vagina is the best prevention and improvement. Please try a small amount at a time as you may find the reaction of the warming ingredients to be irritating.

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